What is your Social Marketing Strategy for 2012?

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Feb 09 2012


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are simple to start, but without a plan can easily become a time-sink and money pit for most businesses.

How do you avoid this costly mistake? Easy!

Create a Social Strategy Plan!

Keep the plan simple by answering these few questions?

  1. What is our main goal for Social media this year?
  2. Are you trying to drive traffic to promote a product? Are you trying to build buzz or brand loyalists? Each of these will have an impact on how you choose and use your social site.

  3. Are you looking for new customers or to engage old customers
  4. Social strategies often fail at this critical point. If you are looking for new customers then you are likely going to focus your content and promotions to entice first time action. Whereas for existing customers you might want to have them create and submit videos of their experience with your products to strengthen brand engagement.

  5. Which Platform are you focusing on?
  6. You need to be where your customers are. If you are targeting consumers Benin Facebook. If you are targeting businesses you would try LinkedIn. if you want to target the
    Tech saavy youth, try Twitter. If you are looking for cutting edge businesses try Google+.

    The basic idea is to stay in one platform until you have built momentum and exhausted that traffic source.

  7. Where are you capturing that Traffic?
  8. When you start with a social campaign you must always have a plan for how you are going to move people from casual social users to the next phase of your purchase process. You need to capture that lead into your email list. This allows you I reach them at the frequency you desire with the exact content you desire.

    Don’t just go for likes and be upset when you realize no one is converting to a customer. The truth is that you made it too hard for them. Each step they need to take to become a customer, the more will drop off. Make it easy by sending them to an optin form on your Facebook page offering a free sample or download. Capture that lead early and as swiftly as possible before they just become a casual user.

Once you have thought about the above steps, you are ready to begin the initial steps for executing your social strategy.

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