Twitter Adds Mobile Photo Filters & Announces the collapse of Open Social Networks? Sorry #Instagram

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Dec 10 2012

We have seen many signals that Social Media & Technology is becoming less “Open” over the last 12 months. Whether it was the recent abandonment of Google Maps from Apple Devices in iOS6 or the discontinuation of mobile clients for Twitter access, all things seem to be heading in the same direction…..closed. In fact, all the game changing technologies that spawned behemoth social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter seem to be jockeying for position in the new media age. Does this mean that we will see less “open” social networks and a return to the old days of trying to control the media.

Twitter Announces Photo Filters added to their Mobile Apps

To most people, the recent announcement of photo filters being added to the mobile Twitter Apps is inevitable. This feature will allow users to quickly add stylized images and upload them to Twitter. To others this, myself included, this seems to be signifying a trend toward consolidation of social networks and new media technologies. Social networking site are all vying for our time and because of this we have seen many decisions on sites like Twitter and Facebook to provide “all in one” solutions to social media users desires.

Twitter has been making a habit of this in fact over the past year. Twitter seems to be alienating their “open access” policies that once gave structure and purpose to their service in the early days. Twitter was originally a tool that was searching for a problem. Twitter was a micro-blogging site that went mainstream once they opened themselves up to third party developers. We quickly saw a vast use of Twitter for site logins, sharing buttons, mobile twitter Client apps, and tons of other uses.

Twitter has now been slowly trying to eliminate access and retain control over their users data. It first started when Twitter began launching integrations for photo uploading first popularized by Twitpic founder Noah Everett. Twitpic opened the use of Twitter to a new dimension and Twitter realized the potential the service presented. The next signal came when Twitter announced that it was limiting access to their data and the apps that could be created. On top of that, Twitter eliminated the name of the app that posts a message to the site (i.e. via Hootsuite). This was the main way that users learned about new Twitter apps.

Now it seems that Twitter will gobble up yet another popular user feature, Photo Filters. I am not saying that what Twitter is doing is wrong, in fact I think it is logical. What I am saying is that people should be prepared for the mass consolidation of Social Media and new media in the coming years. Be sure you host all your content on your site or they might just change their terms of service and erase all your hard work.

What do you think? Is Twitter moving innovation forward or are we moving back to the old days of “closed” networks?