Traffic Tips: How to Generate 100+ Website Visitors in 20 Minutes a Day

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: May 14 2012


We all want more traffic to our website right? Everyone spends hours a day trying to find loopholes tricks and secrets to driving huge numbers of visitors without ever truly discovering the holy grail.

Stop wasting time searching and start with the simplest solution. Often times the simplest solution is the one that works, as long as you are strategic about its use.

Today we are going to look at Commenting as a source of traffic. Many of my clients think that commenting is not effective because they have been sold on the spammy auto-commenting tools of the past that do nothing, but get you banned from sites and kill your google Seo rank.

How to use Commenting to Drive Hundreds of Visitors a Day

Below I will outline, the key elements to a successful comment and then the strategy you should use to find blogs and make it a repeatable process to drive more traffic. Any comment on any blog is not effective. A top comment on a prominent blog drives huge traffic and backlinks.

The Elements of a Successful Blog Comment for Maximum Traffic

There are a few key rules when commenting on blogs

  • Acknowledge the Writer of the Post when Commenting

This is one of the biggest misses of people using commenting as a traffic source. You need to stroke the ego of the writer a bit (admittedly I love this when I am the writer) and let them know you are a real person who actually read their post.

This will differentiate you from all other commenters.

  • Add Value to the blog post content

When posting comments you need to be specific and reference a section of the article. You want to either comment on a specific part of the article or add a valuable insight that you have had on the topic. Focus on adding value for the people reading the post. They are your potential visitors.

  • Don’t overtly promote yourself in the post

Do not overtly promote yourself or your site in the posts. You want to make sure that you have a link at the end under your name or at least use a tool like Disqus for comments that links your name to your site.

Let people seek you out from your value and not because you tricked them into clicking your link. This provides a higher conversion as well as adds credibility to your content.

Feel free to use a signature in your comment like you would in an email. People are accustomed to seeing it and are less likely to see it as promotion than a blatant link in the body of your comment.

The Strategy behind Successful Blog Commenting for Traffic Generation

As I said before, not all comments are created equal. You need to have a well thought out comment on a high traffic blog that is prominently located. Below are the strategies requires to generate significant volume from commenting.

  1. Identify 5 High Traffic Blogs that Post Daily on Your topic
  2. Find out when they post and be the first to comment
  3. Some blogs list the time a post is posted and the date. Take a look at the time and be the first person there with a well thought out comment.

    If you are not the first, try to reply to the first comment with some additional value or suggestions.

    It helps to use a notification program like for Boxcar for the iPhone or another program that follows a site for changes an then notifies you in realtime.

    Other things to be sure of is that the blog gets regular commenters (ie. 30+ Daily is a good #). You can also look at the number of tweets and shares a post gets to indicate the popularity. These all add to the eyeballs that will see your site.

  4. Be thoughtful and use the Good Commenting Rules
  5. Be sure to follow the good commenting rules shown in the beginning of this post. Nothing does more for your conversions than adding value and offering solutions to your potential customers.

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