Simple How To: Drive a Traffic with Twitter Lists and IFTTT.com

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Aug 08 2012

This is a quick tutorial that shows you how to create twitter lists full of targeted Twitter users that will drive traffic. If you don’t know about ifttt.com then you are missing out. This tool obliterates all automated tools for marketers. It creates an unlimited combination of uses by allowing many “triggers” (I.e. a keyword on twitter, or a text message) to then perform an action (I.e post to Facebook)

How to use IF THIS THEN THAT (ifttt.com) to build Twitter Lists

  1. Go to www.IFTTT.com and set up an account
  2. 20120424-105922.jpg

  3. Create a New Task
  4. 20120424-110027.jpg

  5. Click THIS when You see the Formula for Your Task
  6. 20120424-110217.jpg

  7. Select Twitter from the List
  8. It will ask you to link your twitter account to allow it to access your Twitter profile if not already linked.


  9. Choose “New Tweet from Search”
  10. 20120424-110452.jpg

  11. Enter Your Term you want to search for (I.e. Mountain Biking)
  12. 20120424-110537.jpg

  13. Select THAT from your task formula
  14. 20120424-110640.jpg

  15. Choose Twitter Again for Your THAT so we can create a list on Twitter
  16. 20120424-110739.jpg

  17. Choose “Add user to a List” as your action
  18. 20120424-110920.jpg

  19. Click Create to accept the “recipe”
  20. 20120424-111034.jpg

  21. Give your List a Descriptive but short name (I.e. Mountain Bikers)
  22. 20120424-111206.jpg

    Now you will have a list that is automatically updated with users who share the keyword. You can then go back and tweet to those users as you see fit. The users will also more than likely chec out your bio and click your website link in your bio. This can drive some extra traffic and help you discover other users who are interested in your topic.

    Have you used Ifttt.com? What creative things have you used it for?