Marketing Tip: Money is in the Details

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Feb 26 2012

Tonight I arrived at my hotel after a short flight and was pleasantly surprised. When I arrived in my cab, the doorman had opened the cab door and carried already had my things from the trunk before I even finished paying. He then proceeded to welcome as if we had been long lost friends and I was returning home.

As I walked to the check-in counter I was greater by yet another endearing voice that said “we have been waiting for you Mr Griffis”. Now the simple phrasing suggests that I am not just another random stranger checking in to the room, although that is precisely what I am.

I then started to notice the subtly of the hotels charm, from the artistic chairs in the lounge to the simple conveniences of the room (e.g. The easily accessible outlets near the bed for charging my phone). The details are what set this experience apart from so many other hotel experiences. This is the reason that a hotel can charge higher prices for the same or similar lodging that many others offer in the same area.

This got me thinking about marketing online. It is in the details that we differential our websites, promotions, an products in the mind of our consumers. It is the coherent and memorable design of our sites. The simple and straightforward calls to action. It is the honest and personable messages we send that resonate with out customers.

You don’t have to have something 100% new and innovative as we all think. You simply need to provide something genuine and pay attention to the details of the customer experience. Make the process of buying from you easy and familiar. Let the customer know you care immediately and keep that promise. Strive to surprise them with the little things that other companies don’t do like sending personalized thank you notes or sending an unexpected special gift for your buyers.

Remember to always add value to every experience and interaction with your customer. If they matter to you, than you will matter to them.

Have a good day!


  • http://www.leadsandappointments.com/ Anika Davis

    Customer experience = customer satisfaction must be the number one factor to consider by most business owners. Businesses are run by customers, it is indeed a must that we let them achieve what they’re expecting from us. You may not know someday they can be the prime mover in promoting your business to their group of friends and these only means for a brighter future that awaits ahead for your business.

    • http://www.SimpleMediaMarketing.com/ Keith Griffis

      Absolutely Anika. Customer service is the main thing that companies fail at. We are all just people looking to interact with people. When you focus on your customers goals, you both win.

      I actually just did an interview with @NoahEverett of @Twitpic and he mentioned exactly that!