Marketing by Design: Simple Ways to Maximize Sales with Minimal time

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Jun 19 2012


I spoke to a customer the other day who was looking for a way to maximize sales and marketing for her handmade craft store.

I noticed her Facebook page was small and dying. She said she has no time to do anything with it. She is never near a computer and when she is she is too tired to write blog posts or status updates.

I thought about her situation for a bit and realized that it is a pretty common issue for most business owners. Luckily I had a solution. Mobile Content Management!

I asked her if she had a smart phone?She said “yes, of course!” I then asked if she had ever texted someone or written an email on it? “Absolutely,” she responded. How about take a photo and email it? “Many times to my family.”

Based on her responses I knew that she had the tools and the skills to manage her entire web presence from her mobile smartphone. I told her that she could do this and she said, “I can’t text an image to my website….can I?”

Well not exactly, but we can do it from the WordPress app! I had her download the wordpress app for iPhone an showed her how to take a photo and create a post. Now she can simply take a photo from the app, add a title and description (Just like sending an email!) and have it automatically upload to her website.

Then what about her Facebook page you ask? It her Twitter profile? Does she now have to manage all that posting individually?! No! We then go to a website called IFTTT.com (if this then that) and link all her profiles. We then set it to automatically post to her Facebook page and twitter account each time she posts to her blog. once this is set up there is nothing else to do.

I also recommend she download the twitter and Facebook apps to respond to comments. We also the. Set IFTTt.com to send her a text each time someone responds to her posts so she can I treat with customers.

Now we have a fully automated and easy to use solution to her problem for FREE! This doesn’t cost a dime to do and it generates traffic to her website, foot traffic to her store, and keeps her brand alive and growing.

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