It’s my Birthday, so of course marketing is top of mind

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Sep 11 2012


It is my birthday today and it has been an amazing day, but no day is complete without a good ol blogpost for my loyal fans. Today I wanted to talk about expectations. Specifically about setting and exceeding expectations with your marketing.

An Example of Brilliant Marketing

Any time you are creating a blog post, creating content, or even making an advertisement, there are certain expectations that a reader or potential customer has. This s usually based on their past experience with similar situations in the past. Your goal is to identify what the general expectation of value is from other marketers in your field and then blow it to hell. You want your customer to be so impressed that they remember and recommend you when the time arises. Try to create a wow experience that extends beyond the basic interaction.
Here is a great example of exceeding expectations. Have you heard of Brendan Burchard? He is a stellar information marketer and believes complete in the power of over-delivering value. Recently he launched a book and did an ingenious thing. I was reading my recent copy of INC magazine and saw one of those inserts that usually just try to sell you something. I then noticed it was for Brendan’s new book “The Charge”. Now your expectation is that this is simply an advertisement for the book. It was actually an ad that was giving away the book for FREE to any inc reader. This was an actual print book from a best selling author for free! That exceeded my expectations to start. Then when you actually receive the book you begin to feel like a part of the inside crowd by his emails and other free offers.

The truth behind this is that Brendan know’s the power of providing incredible value and sharing a valuable message. He then gets you into his sales funnel and you a pre-sold on any product he offers you. He has built credibility by showcasing the quality and value he provides in his book. He also knows that he can make 2 to 3 times the cost of the book in one simple informational training.

The Simple Media Marketing Takeaways

  1. Know Your Customers Expectations & Frustrations
  2. Be sure to survey the experience your customers receive in similar situations from your competition. Then note the pain points about the experience. What annoys you about the experience? Are the promises in the ad vague so yo don’t know what to expect? Is the content delivered difficult to navigate? Is the content different than what the title leads you to believe?

  3. Find creative ways to provide value
  4. Don’t just rely on meeting your customers expectations to be enough, although it is usually a lot more than others are doing in your space. Instead, at the pain points you identified, provide extra value. This can be in the form of free information, free products, free services, or just a really cool user experience. What ever you decide, execute beautifully.

  5. Be sure to follow up with customers
  6. You spend a lot of time finding new customers, but your true value is retaining your existing ones. Instead of forgetting about your customers once they join your email list or make a purchase, find more ways to add value and make them feel special. Especially in unexpected ways!

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Leave a comment. How have you have received unexpected value in your lives?