How WordPress, Facebook, and Photoshop Elements Kill Internet Businesses

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Jan 30 2012

Wordpress, Facebook, Photoshop for business

You may be sabotaging your own business quietly and without any intent. You work hard every day to develop great products or services, but free tools like WordPress, Facebook, and photoshop have been conspiring against you. How you ask?

It’s fairly simple, technology has become so inexpensive, even free, that it has diluted the role of a business owner. We now think we know how to build a website, market using Facebook, and create our own logos and graphics in photoshop Elements.

The truth is that we aren’t that good as any one of those things. If you are a business owner that is not in the business of website design, graphic design, and marketing, but you are spending any time on these efforts you are sabotaging your business.

If you were opening a retail store, you wouldn’t build the building Just because you know how to is a hammer and a saw? Why then would you spend hours building your virtual storefront or office using free tools? It still has as much of an impact on your sales as a physical storefront, yet you wouldn’t fire your contractor and build it all yourself.

Focus on Strengths to deliver the most Profit Potential
Ever hour you waste on a non-core activity in your business is lost profit. It is what we marketers an economists call opportunity cost. Every activity you participate in has a cost because it takes away from time that could be used to make money.

What to Hand over to the Experts
Not everything you do on your website should be outsourced. You still want to maintain your own blog content for instance. I don’t recommend handing your blog writing because your site needs to accurately reflect you. The actual layout, design, an development should be handled by an expert. The marketing plan should also be done collaboratively with a marketing expert. Graphics are always to be handled by a designer. There is nothing worse than an amazon website with great content, but a hideous logo, banner, or background.

What is the Process of Website Design
Always start with your marketing plan. You should have a clear process and goals for your site. You should know the exact process flow for a user from initial visit to prospect to sale. This will guide your visitor gracefully into a customer relationship.

Simple Tip: Each Page should have one purpose only. Don’t create a lot of crazy sidebar links to distract your users. Have a call to action for each page (e.g. sign up below to receive our newsletter)

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