Go from a nobody to a NY Times Best Seller with Laser Focus

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Aug 07 2012

You want to be a best seller? A speaker? How about just a success in your industry? It all starts with laser focus. I will show you a great example of this that will take you 5 minutes and increase your results 10x.

I was on Twitter today on my iPhone and ran across a fellow named Shep Hyken (@Hyken). The first thing that struck me was that his Twitter profile was direct and to the point, but also intertwined what he does, his accomplishments, the promise of what he will deliver (amazing customer service), and provide a link to his website www.Hyken.com.

When I clicked the link, the next thing that stood out was that he had a mobile optimize website (ie a site that appeared properly on a mobile phone). What was even more impressive though, was the laser-like focus of the mobile site. It focused on doing 1 thing really well! The sole purpose of his site is to get you to book him for a speaking gig.


His site starts with a video highlighting his speaking ability and topic. It even tells the viewer what the length of the clip is so that they know what to expect.

The site then answers the next question logical question. What topics can he speak about? It does this by providing a list of topics with descriptions.

The next question a reader asks is, can he speak on other topics? And the answer is yes! He adds text letting the reader know that he can mix these topics or customize any talk.

The final questions readers have are credibility questions. Why should we hire him as our speaker? He supports this with his apps, books, and a quick bio highlighting his most credible achievements.

What are the takeaways?
1. Focus your site on 1 purpose and hammer that home.
Don’t try to put everything out there. He could have tried to push his books or trainings, but instead he added those in as credibility boosters.

2. Ask yourself what questions users will have and in what order and answer them in that order.
Do what Shep does by leading them through the thought process and answer the common questions up front.

3. Mobile sites are a must!
I never would have stayed on his site if it were not mobile optimized. With the increasingly mobile social media users you must be mobile to capture that traffic.

4. Graphics matter! Good design is good business.
This is a no brainer. We make subconscious inferences on people and brands based on appearances whether we like it or not.

5. Video is the best medium to spread a message about yourself or your brand.
The video allows us to see him in action, understand his personality, and it adds a lot of subconscious information that we need and don’t get from text alone.

These are a few simple tips on how to achieve laser focus in your business and website. Get out there and get focused!