Beware of these 4 Email Marketing Mistakes

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Jan 22 2012

There are several common mistakes that people make when starting email campaigns.

Top 4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  1. Misleading Subject Lines
  2. People will try anything to get others to open their emails. This starts out innocent with an email titled “Download your free program” and slowly slips into more deceptive tactics designed to confuse you into thinking it is an email you requested.

    Sure this may increase open rates in the short term, but it kills credibility and sales in the long term. I have unsubscribed from more email lists due to this practice than any other reason.

  3. No Value in the Email Body
  4. When we sign up for an email list, we expect value IN THE EMAIL! More often than not lately it seems people are desperately trying to get people to their site before ever adding valuable content in the email body itself. They simply insert short enticing messages and links without even describing what you get by visiting their links.

    Ads value in the email and people will trust you more and your sales conversion rate will increase even though your click-though rate from the email may not.

  5. Asking Before Receiving
  6. When someone signs up for your email list, you must prove yourself to them. You need to provide immense value immediately an consistently to build trust and credibility. Don’t ask them to buy too frequently without first adding value.

  7. Acting as a Company, Not a person
  8. One fatal mistake I see is that entrepreneurs try too hard to brand their lists with their company persona rather than their own. People learn from and by from other people. Be sure your email comes from you, not your company name. Be sure to sign your name at the bottom of all emails as well.