About Me

Keith Griffis, Simple Media Marketing

Simple Media Marketing is a social media and internet marketing strategy firm specializing in empowering entrepreneurs and startups to develop successful business and marketing action plans. This is achieved through a combination of specialized coaching, training, and one-on-one strategy sessions.


As the creator and owner of Simple Media Marketing I have had the privilege to work with many aspiring entrepreneurs and startups that have amazing visions for their future and company, but lack the skills to build word of mouth buzz. Using tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, and Content Strategy, we are able to successfully spread the word about their ventures to achieve their revenue and personal goals.


My mission in life is to help others achieve success in their business and personal lives in order to fulfill their definite purpose. I enjoy working with passionate people who have a deeper drive in their business than revenue. I believe financial goals are metrics and drivers of success, but I care more about what you would do if you were never paid to do so.


The Simple Media Marketing blog is the central hub for me to share my knowledge and advice with entrepreneurs and startups. In addition, I regularly write for Social Media Today, CMI, Business 2 Community, and many other Online Marketing and Social Media Blogs and magazines. My speaking experience has allowed me to teach Internet Marketing and Social Media at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) inCambridgeMassachusetts,SalemStateUniversity(The Enterprise Center), and become the chairman of the Boston Internet Marketing and Advertising Group with over 550 Members.


Who is the man behind the curtain?

I have been building and marketing websites for over 14 years. Since the days of dial up and message boards, I have been successfully developing and marketing sites that have allowed business owners to double revenue and brands to instantly increase credibility. I have my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and my MBA. I started my career as a design Engineer for one of the largest audio/video manufacturers in the world, Harman Kardon (Mark Levinson, Lexicon).  After 5 years of designing high end electronics, I decided I needed to drive the product decisions as opposed to implementing them. From there I moved to a significant role in Sales and Marketing for small business (>$5M). This experience allowed me to see the contrast of the startup environment vs. the enterprise. At a startup where anything is possible, it is easy to waste time on non-value added activities. I used my experience in Web development and marketing to drive over 80% of the revenue. From that point I transitioned into a role in marketing responsible for driving the marketing strategy for a $20M product line within a $300M business unit. With a range of corporate and small business experience I am able to fuse the best practices of the enterprise with the tools and agility of small businesses and startups.


If you are interested in working together to build your successful marketing strategy, contact me at Keith at Simple Media Marketing.com