3 Free Ways to Leverage Why People Share to Make your Content more “Social”

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Dec 05 2012

Great content deserves to be shared with the world right? Then why does so much content just sit stagnant on some sites and seems to be shared like crazy on others?

The simple answer is that some content is just more social than others. To make your content more social (meaning more shareable) you need to understand why people share content. Here are the top three reasons and how to adjust your content to be more social.

Top 3 Reasons Why Social Media Users Share Content?

  1. To Be perceived as an Expert

  2. Most people share content because they want to be seen as an expert authority on a topic. For example, my content is shared by thousands of marketers every month so that they can be seen as authority figures. It shows their audience or customer that they are staying current with market trends.

    How do we make our customers look like experts?
    One way to be sure you are doing this is by making your topic about the reader. Make it focused on a solution to a problem that your customer is facing. Be free with your knowledge and don’t make it sales focused. (This will create a huge amount of goodwill for you, trust me!)

  3. To “Break” a story and be in the know

  4. We all want to be on the “inside” or on the know. Remember when you were a teenager and you wanted to be the first person to tell your friends about that great new band? You did it because of the “status” that goes along with being the first to know something. This is the same reason people gossip.

    As we get older the topic changes from bands to industry events, politics, or any number of other topics, but the concept is the same. We want to be a trend setter or at minimum not left behind.

    How do you leverage the need to know?
    The obvious way is to look for changes in your industry to chronicle. You could cover am upcoming industry event or recap a past event. Or perhaps there are new products being released in your market. Try to find a time sensitive topic and write about it with your angle in mind. What do your customers care about with respect to the topic? Don’t just say there is an event, comment on the topic and why it is new and exciting. Find ways to make it relevant and fresh.

    Another way is to tie your topic into a current event. For example, if you own a mold remediation company or product maker for that market you could comment on the recent Hurricane Sandy and how homeowners can begin the cleanup or perform it safely. Or perhaps go over the risks of letting a flood go untreated in Nj weather.

  5. Because they are inspired

  6. This is a topic I love to talk about. Your goal in any piece of content is to inspired your customer to take action and share your content. Your goal is to inspire them to keep reading, to discuss the topic later, to believe in you and your authority on your topic.

    How do we inspire?
    We tell the truth even when it is not popular. We share our story or the story of someone who has gone through the process or used the product that we are discussing. We learn through stories. Find the story or create a fictitious character to illustrate this.

    Testimonials are also a short story about one persons experience. Use these to build a story for your reader. Make them a believer and they will share your story.

  7. It’s just good old fun!

  8. Entertainment value is still huge for content consumers and is becoming even more important. People are publishing huge amounts of information online and the consumer is being blasted by this. If they are going to invest any time consuming your content then it sure as heck better be a good read.

    How to leverage this?
    First and foremost, be yourself!!!! Let your personality shine through. If you are funny, be funny. If you are serious, be that way. You should know out audience and understand how they want to receive information. Be creative in how you create your content. Try to use a combination of videos and images that are compelling.

    Also understand that you don’t have to create all your content. Run a contest for video or photo submissions from your audience on a topic related to your business.

    AllthingsJeep.com did this well when they chose to run a Facebook campaign called “Go Topless Day” for Jeep owners to submit photos of their Jeep vehicle with the top off.

    Remember that your job is to facilitate a conversation, not to do all the talking.