Bloggers Wanted: Create your own membership club

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Feb 10 2014 | Comments (0)
TweetAre you a blogger? Do you have an email list or social media following? You are probably leaving a lot of money on the table. With a small tweak to your blog and the addition of a Membership Site you could turn your casual visitors into paying monthly...

Marketing: Succeed More by Doing Less

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Mar 14 2013 | Comments (0)
TweetAs marketers, we have lots of great ideas on a daily basis (or at least we think we do). We focus on hard to generate “new” ideas as if there was no value or success from the old ones. The end result of this is that we end up doing more...

Twitter Adds Mobile Photo Filters & Announces the collapse of Open Social Networks? Sorry #Instagram

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Dec 10 2012 | Comments (0)
Tweet We have seen many signals that Social Media & Technology is becoming less “Open” over the last 12 months. Whether it was the recent abandonment of Google Maps from Apple Devices in iOS6 or the discontinuation of mobile clients for...

3 Free Ways to Leverage Why People Share to Make your Content more “Social”

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Dec 05 2012 | Comments (0)
TweetGreat content deserves to be shared with the world right? Then why does so much content just sit stagnant on some sites and seems to be shared like crazy on others? The simple answer is that some content is just more social than others. To make your...

Mobile Marketing 2012: How to leverage mobile users to drive revenue

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Oct 19 2012 | Comments (0)
Tweet Mobile Marketing 2012 from keithgriffis Tweet

Inspired Biz Tip: Know Yourself and Hire Help! Here’s Why!

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Sep 13 2012 | Comments (0)
Tweet I am an idea man. My mind is programmed to constantly be interpreting the world around me and generating new ideas from seemingly unrelated concepts (I.e. I think about weird combinations of things to draw inspiration from). Not all my ideas are...

It’s my Birthday, so of course marketing is top of mind

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Sep 11 2012 | Comments (0)
Tweet It is my birthday today and it has been an amazing day, but no day is complete without a good ol blogpost for my loyal fans. Today I wanted to talk about expectations. Specifically about setting and exceeding expectations with your marketing. An...

No Rules to Marketing in the New Media World

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Aug 14 2012 | Comments (1)
Tweet In the marketing world we all want act as if their is a secret formula that only we know for success. In fact, this is the same false belief that holds back a lot of the business owners I work with when it comes to their marketing efforts. They...

How the US Postal Service uses Content Marketing to make Marketers send more Mail

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Aug 10 2012 | Comments (0)
Tweet It is no secret that people are sending less mail than ever before. The USPS has a sneaky little way to get people to send more mail. They are using the principles of Content Marketing to entice marketers to send more mail without them even knowing...

Simple How To: Drive a Traffic with Twitter Lists and IFTTT.com

Posted by Keith Griffis | On: Aug 08 2012 | Comments (0)
TweetThis is a quick tutorial that shows you how to create twitter lists full of targeted Twitter users that will drive traffic. If you don’t know about ifttt.com then you are missing out. This tool obliterates all automated tools for marketers....